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Hamilton Brewers

The Hamilton Brewers Association (HBA) is a group for home brewers and beer enthusiast’s located in Hamilton and the greater Waikato region, who meet to discuss anything Beer and Brewing related.

Our aim is to help increase our members knowledge and experience in brewing better beer. Anyone is welcome to join with our brewing members ranging in experience from kit, extract and all-grain brewers to commercial brewers.

Auckland Brewing Guild

The Auckland Guild of Winemakers and Brewers is a group of amateur home brewers and winemakers of all ages, who’s aim is to share knowledge and experiences on all aspects of home production and appreciation of wine and beers.

We meet on a monthly basis in Mount Albert where we have a pre-arranged event or presentation, competition judging, a light supper and general socialising.

Our members have a vast experience in homebrew techniques (mash brewing, kits, partial mashes etc), wine making (grape wines and fruit wines), spirit making, grains, hops etc, and are more than willing to share their knowledge. We welcome new members of all abilities, so if you are interested, please drop in and join us.

Manawatu Society Area of Homebrewers

Basically this group was started by Jason and Matt of the Manawatu area, and has grown ever since.

We started holding beer tastings, where everyone would bring a beer of that style, just to get a better education on styles. This developed into beer style competitions. And so far had 3 with the 4th one coming up in September 2017. We have done SMaSH, AIPA, BEST BITTER and imperial stout is the one coming up. Usually have a good turnout with some sponsors helping out with prizes.

Manawatu Amateur Winemakers and Brewers Club

The club has been continuously active for 45 years now. It is open to anyone with an interest in homebrewing, but also winemaking and liqueurs. The monthly meetings bring together the mixed experiences and offer tasting of very diverse drinks. Anyone can attend and see if they’d like to become members.

It is a friendly and non-competitive environment to share tips, knowledge, techniques, opinions. Please note members do not have to be necessarily active brewers or winemakers.

Hawkes Bay Brewers Club

We are a friendly local club that offer guidance, support, encouragement and friendship to both Wine-makers and Brewers, as well as those simply interested in the appreciation of Wines, Beers and the like.

Attend your first 3 club nights FREE as our guest, where you are under no obligation to join.

Brewing Club

Dunedin Amateur Winemakers and Brewers Club Inc

We are a really small, friendly club with people from Dunedin and out to Mosgiel. We’ve got  long history.

We would always like more people to join our club so there’s more to compete with in our monthly club wine and beer competitions. We meet at members’ homes on a rotational basis. Subs are very low – $15 a year.

We have keen members who enjoy competing in various inter-club competitions. We are also very happy to advise other members how to improve their own beer and wine making skills (many of us are fairly experienced!).

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