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We can agree everybody is on social media these days. It’s radio, tv and newsprint all in one. Doesn’t matter if you are a Brewer, Bar, Brewery or a Home Brew Supplier – you simply need to have some kind of presence on social media.

Problem is it’s time consuming, dull and repetitive – especially if you have brews to sell. This is where the come into bat for you.

Have a quick read over the guff below to see how we can take care of keeping the online world informed of your awesome products and pubs.

Step 1: Mashing

Create your Brands Social Media Profiles across the 3 main platforms or snazz up what you already have.

We create a business page for your brand on Facebook, with all your brand stuff – logos and the wotnot. We’ll find or create a great banner and profile picture and do all the annoying “about us” content. 

We will do the same for all the other platforms that are crucial to the brew industry eg Instagram and Twitter. These new sites can be added to you webpage as well. Just put us in contact with you webmaster.

Step 2: Fermenting

We work with your marketing fellas to understand your brands current campaigns and image and then we post on your behalf to your social media platforms. These posts will also be shared across CBO’s social media networks.

This will be tailored across multiple posts per week on a month by month basis. They may be text updates; videos you have filmed on the job or they maybe some luscious photos of new product.

Step 3: Maturing

We can run competitions for you (everyone loves a free beersies!) and special promos for product launches or sales. We can also mash you up some targeted social media campaigns to help you more punters find you pubs or pish.

We will also create automated responses from your social media pages to tell people who are enquiring to drop you a bell or email at your desired contact numbers and addresses.

Step 4: Critical Acclaim

Well will also have your products reviewed by our beer reviewer Mark Goodin aka “The Salt”. Mark is a brew connoisseur and works in product analyst in the beersies game. Mark loves a good drop and is a bit of a bloody wordsmith – give him a read on the reviews page.

Step 5: Stock Take

Each month we will send you out a quick and easy report of how things are going with your pages. No tech speak just straight – no bullshit reports. We will also include some suggestions on whats working and what we need to spice up.

Do you have any questions before purchasing?

Email your questions to We will be stoked to help you!